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What Makes Perfect & Special Memorable Events

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

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Details, Details, Details

We have to pay attention to the details. When designing your events you want to attract the 5 senses. Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell & Touch. You want to appeal and intertwine all of these sensory experiences and make sure all of the elements are satisfied.

Speaking & Working with NY Bella Luce was a satiable experience. This design stylist dreams, envisions, and builds her events from initial concept to the minute details of structural etiquette. Her specialty Couture Events.

Multisensory events by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events state

  • Only 27 percent of respondents believe all five senses are being used effectively throughout the event industry

  • 78 percent of surveyed planners believe multisensory events deliver more memorable and creative experiences for attendees

  • 42 percent believe sensory activations can help events stand out from the competition

Lets look at some examples of how NY Bella Luce applied these elements during Moulin Rouge A Fabulous Valentine's this past February:


"75 percent of event planners state sight is the most widely used sense"-London & Partners

How do we incorporate sight in our designs?

  • Through the use of colors to set the mood

  • The use of shapes and different dimensions to keep the eye entertained

  • Are your colors visually striking and encourage excitement & engagement

Moulin Rouge Decor Accents by AODECORS & NY BELLA LUCE photo by Loumacfotos


A nice mix of sounds can set the mood to any event. Sound appeals to the person's heart. It sets the tone of the evening. Certain sounds add excitement, curiosity, anticipation, a sense of urgency. Other sounds leave you with that zen like relaxing tones, romantic ambiance, the depth of a sound can lead to unforgettable memories and the feeling of warmth.


If you can close your eyes and enjoy the savory flavors of the meal. Enjoy the eclectic mix of spices that leave your senses on edge. Topped with a hint of sweet delicacies. You have a winner....


Aroma goes direct to the brain and signals the sense to stay or flee. Adding an overall scent to your event ties in the theme you trying to convey. You don't want a scent that is too obstructive and one that is overbearing. Some examples include vanilla for a relaxed theme. Lemon for a nice spring and fresh theme. Maybe you can leave your guest with some scented gifts.


The right textures are important as well. The skin a major organ and the sense of touch sets off memories for your audience. You can incorporate texture props, decor, linens, serveware, different displays of furniture. All of these elements add up to make a successful event.

What are some of the things that you do and think about when you create or design the elements for your events?

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